My research is at the intersection of autonomy (autonomous systems), systems engineering, and safety. See my descriptions and projects below (click through the Venn Diagram).

Research Areas

systems engineering

MBSE, systems theory

Concept Development and Architecting of Complex Systems

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controls, planning, decisions

Development of Safe Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems

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assurance, cyber-security

Methods and theory for engineering safe and secure systems

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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

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Technical Reports and Other Publications

  • Bakirtzis, G. and Fleming, C., Cyber-physical System Safety and Security in the Nuclear Power Plant Context, ANS Student Conference, 2019.

  • Beling P, Horowitz B, Fleming C, Adams S, Bakirtzis G, Carter B, Sherburne T, Elks C, Collins A, Simon B. Model-based Engineering for Functional Risk Assessment and Design of Cyber Resilient Systems. University of Virginia Charlottesville United States; 2019 Feb 22.

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  • An STPA Primer Version 1, August 2013. (Contributed to companion book of Engineering a Safer World, Leveson 2011).